Disability Transitions

Resources and publications

This page provides links to additional resources on disabled people and transition to work that have been recommended by network members.

Rehabilitation Research Policy and Education journal special issue on employer practices enhancing employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities

Individual research project briefs and online available databases on disability statistics and employment (U.S.) disability discrimination claims are available from www.employerpracticesrrtc.org, under the “resources” section.

The entire Rehabilitation Research, Policy and Education journal special issue can be found here:


US Department of Education (2013)

Improving Post High School Outcomes [PDF]

Presentation by VAMLAS about work with the European Union of Supported Employment

Supported Employment in Finland [PDF]

Conference at EU Parliament in Strasbourg 22/11/2013: European Week of Employment for Disabled People

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W4_TTD5gzM&list=PLrcR8m43z3xmvoSZ10OdYSLvGbiARW3aH&index=5 [YouTube Video link]

Monika Struck-Peregończyk  (2012)

The factors hindering and promoting the work participation of young disabled people in Poland

Projectteam Slotervaart

Handboek Methodiek Inclusief Herontwerp Werkprocessen

A.E. van Asselt-Goverts, P.J.C.M.Embregts, A.H.C. Hendriks, K.M.Wegman, J.P. Teunisse

Do Social Networks Differ? Comparison of the Social Networks


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